• Concept, Creative Direction, Branding, and Structural Graphics by @angedesveaux @wedluxe integrating #midjourney #ai
  • Barbiecore Bakery Event Planning & Design @dianapiresevents
  • Structural Design, Structural Build & Printed Decor (Windows, Walls, Awnings, Floor, and Bar Decals) @dfdeventsolutions
  • Catering @fooddudes
  • 3D Wedding Cake, Designed & Built By @engineeredarts
  • Floral Design @caprice_decor
  • Furniture Rentals (Curved Bars & Pink Market Cart) @detailzfurniturerentals
  • Aprons and Packaging @sheinofficial @shein_ca
  • Pink Stanchions @marqueeletterstoronto
  • Show Photographer @purpletreephotography
  • Add'l Pics & Video @wedluxefilms
  • Host Hotel @hotelxtoronto
  • Catering Partner @fooddudes
  • WedLuxe Show Lead Planner and Event Producer, Bella Geraghty @wedluxe 

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Founder & CEO, Editor-in-Chief, Creative Director

About The Space


As the founder, creative director, and chief trend-spotter at WedLuxe, I'm currently OBSESSED with two design trends: 1. AI-generated imagery and 2. The pretty-in-pink #Barbiecore trend that's influencing everything from fashion to interiors. A huge part of my creative life for the last thirteen years has also been my role as founder and executive producer of The WedLuxe Show, which had been forced into a long and unwelcome three-year Covid-induced hiatus. (Our last event was in January 2020). For our comeback, I wanted to bring the show back in notable style and be one of the VERY FIRST live events worldwide (and specifically within the wedding industry) to integrate AI technology! So, I came up with the dream to have a WedLuxe #Barbiecore Bakery Pop-up where guests would be served pretty-in-pink desserts from our show catering partner, FOOD DUDES in an experiential space featuring AI-generated graphics generated by yours truly using Midjourney and Discord. Fun Fact: I also lead the branding/design agency side of our company. During COVID we began offering these services for event planners worldwide which has morphed into event branding and design support for events! 


The in-house design team at DFD EVENT SOLUTIONS took an idea and made it a reality. They designed a structure that would stand safely and freely that would also allow lots of surface area for my AI-generated graphics to be applied.

The structure itself was plotted out < and built > by the PHENOMENAL team at DFD EVENT SOLUTIONS who proved in countless ways that they are TRULY able to take any idea and make it a reality! After an initial meeting with our Bakery Planning & Design Partner, DIANA PIRES EVENTS to talk ideas, desired scale and size, DFD EVENT SOLUTIONS came up with the CAD schematics for a 22ft x 22ft structure that could be built to stand freely and safely on its own while offering lots of “visual real estate” where my AI-generated graphics could be applied. DFD provided the exact dimensions for what I could create and from there, I used Midjourney via Discord to “generate” the bakery of my dreams, including windows and architectural design elements (awnings, moldings, wall panels and bar front panels) all inspired by an upscale take on #Barbiecore. I then stitched together the resulting images with Photoshop to create a cohesive set of graphics for DFD EVENT SOLUTIONS to print and install onto their structure. 


Examples of the Midjourney (completely AI-generated!) art that I generated as the basis for the build graphics. 

DIANA PIRES EVENTS co-designed the space to absolute perfection with her signature attention to detail by planning, designing, and coordinating all of the event-related elements of the bakery including sourcing decorative display pieces (like luxe Plexi presentation boxes and cake stands) that sat atop her furniture rental selections from our furniture sponsor DETAILZ COUTURE EVENT RENTALS. The overall space planning worked out perfectly thanks to Diana's expertise! I loved her choice of the adorable pink “market cart” and the elegantly curved bars. (The bars also got the AI-graphics treatment!) 

CREATIVE COLLABORATION & details, details!

Diana also worked closely with CAPRICE DESIGN & DECOR to coordinate the EXQUISITE floral installations that wrapped the four corners and entrances of the Bakery. 


The sculptural design geniuses from ENGINEERED ARTS designed and produced the show-stopping 12ft tall 3D-Wedding Cake complete with an oversized bow (of course!). DIANA PIRES EVENTS spec'd the perfect paint colors for the cake by comparing the AI graphics against COPIOUS paint swatches to ensure the PERFECT match! Diana also sourced the pink stanchions provided by MARQUEE LETTERS TORONTO and along with her team, ensured the traffic flow of the space was manageable all weekend! 


Last but CERTAINLY not least we need to give a proper shout-out to the INCREDIBLE team at FOOD DUDES (specifically the Pastry Chef!) who treated guests to 1000s of DELECTABLE pink macarons, tarts, and doughnuts in addition to the prettiest and most mouthwatering pink ice cream sandwiches of all time! Packaging and aprons were provided by SHEIN.



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